Blocked Drains

Laser Plumbing & Electrical Lismore are your specialists in clearing blocked drains.

Whether it is a blocked sewer, toilet, kitchen sink, basin or storm water line, Laser Plumbing & Electrical Lismore has the solution to fix your problem.

We serve residential, industrial and commercial client across Lismore and surrounding areas including Casino, Kyogle, Ballina and Byron Bay. With over 20 years maintenance experience and the use of state of the art drain clearing and inspection equipment, we can quickly diagnose your problem and fix it.

We use our specialised equipment to search and locate the cause of your blockage and clear the problem for you. We have high pressure water blasters for clearing drains, removing tree roots, grease, debris and obstructions from sewer and storm water piping to make easy work of clearing blockages. No job is too small or too big for us. Whether you have a blocked drain, cracked piping or roots in your drains, our equipment will find the problem accurately and fast.

Did you know that common drain blockages such as blocked sinks and bathroom pipes are most often caused by a build-up of organic materials such as grease, hair, soap scum, food particles, paper and cotton?

Using a CCTV drain camera, we can view and locate the exact cause and position of a piping problem. This means that we only need to repair or replace the damaged area and helps to minimise costs for our customers.

Ozzi Kleen

High Pressure Water Jet Cleaner

Using this method, a high pressure jet of water is sent into the storm water or sewer line. Using different cutting heads, the operator can utilise the jet to break down roots, debris, grease and sludge. This is then flushed out of the line, making it completely clear.

Although the high pressure water jet is a highly effective method of pipe clearing, it cannot completely guarantee removal of the root growth permanently. This is because breakages in your pipes may allow further root growth. These breakages can only be detected using a CCTV drain camera. Using the CCTV camera, we can determine precisely what has caused your blockage and we can even provide a DVD for you to view.

CCTV Camera

Using a CCTV drain camera, we can locate the source of a blockage or problem in your storm water lines or sewer.

This will indicate what further steps are required. Laser Plumbing's customers are provided with a DVD of the inspection. We are then able to discuss the problem and ascertain whether excavation or sewer maintenance is needed.

Please contact Laser Plumbing & Electrical Lismore to learn more or to discuss your requirements.